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From São Paulo, Brazil comes Alchemia, a horror metal band formed in 2018 by Victor Hugo Piiroja (vocals) and completed by Rodrigo Maciel (guitar), G.Morazza (bass), Alex Cristopher (drums) and Wally D’Alessandro. ( keyboard).

The debut album, “Inception”, was recorded at the Fusao and Carbonos studios, with production by Victor Hugo Piiroja and collaboration in the production of voices by Ricardo Campos (Sunseth Midnight). Mixing and mastering was carried out by renowned Danish audio engineer Tue Madsen, who has worked with Rob Halford, Babymetal, Moonspell, among others. The orchestrations were developed by London conductor Jon Phipps, who has orchestrated albums by bands like Moonspell, Amorphis, Devilment, Dragonforce. The cover was created by Brazilian artist Carlos Fides, who is responsible for artworks by names like Kamelot, Evergrey, Edu Falaschi, among others.

“Inception” refers to the soundtracks of horror movies, bringing a dark and contemporary metal. It is a work developed and conceived by the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Víctor Hugo Piiroja. “This is an album with many influences and its own identity. Alchemia’s music is a mixture of styles. From conception to completion, every detail has been carefully tested. I decided to take the tempo that was necessary to obtain the intended result, with that it took us 3 years to finish this album, from the composition to the completion of it”, commented Piiroja.

The lyrics deal with reflection, conscience, mental prison, phobias, and psychological disorders, creating a context of terror from the inside out. The song “Nightmares” is an example. “The lyrics of this song show that life can be a nightmare when we live in a reality that does not reflect our essence, asking if you want to wake up from this nightmare and live something different,” Piiroja explained.

In 2021 they released Inception through the Italian label WormholeDeath Records and the album achieved an excellent repercussion in Europe and Latin America, receiving a 9.0 rating in Brazil’s Roadie Crew magazine and in other media outlets in Europe and Asia.

In 2022 they released Inception in Japan, through the label WormholeDeath Records Japan, a subsidiary of the label for the Japanese market and the next steps are the Inception Tour 2022/2023, this tour will go through several countries in Europe, Latin America and Japan

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