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Alchemia Inception Hd

Alchemia – Inception – 2020

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01- Grind
02- Save Us
03- Inception
04- Haunting You
05- Ashes
06- If Nothing Is Sacred
07- Sacrifice
08- Mind Prison
09- Nightmares
10- Secret Call

Victor Hugo Piiroja – Vocals, Synths, Guitars
Rodrigo Maciel – Guitars
G. Morazza – Bass
Wally D’Alessandro – Keyboard
Alex Cristopher – Drums

Music and lyrics by Victor Hugo Piiroja
Recorded at Fusao Estudios – Drums, Bass, Guitars
Recorded at Carbonos Estudios – Vocals
Recorded at Naked Studios – Keyboards and Guitars
Produced by Victor Hugo Piiroja
Vocal production by Victor Hugo Piiroja and Ricardo Campos
Mixed and mastered at Antfarm Studios by Tue Madsen
Orchestrations arranged and expanded
by Jon Phipps – Orchestral Metal
Bass recorded by G. Morazza
Cover and logo by Carlos Fides – Artside Studios
Booklet layout by Joao Duarte – JDuarte Design
Band photos by Jota Rugal

Published by Dark Inc Records in a
partnership with Shinigami Records